Sacramento Ranger District
Lincoln National Forest

Listing of Trails by Name
Trail Name Trail Number Area Length
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"A" Trail
T119 Westside to Basin  5.2 T119 
Accessible (wheelchair)
T5001D Cloudcroft-Trestle 0.1 3 T5001D
Alamo Canyon
T104 Westside to Basin  7.3 T104  
Alamo Peak
T109 Rim to Westside 3.0  T109  
Apache Nature
T231 Cloudcroft 0.5 1 T231
Apple Tree Canyon
T5601 Sacramento Rd to FR64  4.1 T5601 
Apple Tree Canyon 2
T5601A Sacramento Rd to FR64  1.1 T5601A  
Atkinson Field
T111 Rim to Westside  1.6 T111
Benson Canyon
T5005 Benson Ridge 4.5  T5005
Benson Canyon Spur
T5005A Benson Ridge 0.9  T5005A
Benson Canyon Spur 2
T5005B Benson Ridge 1.5  T5005B
Benson Ridge/Bluff Springs
T5006 Benson Ridge 2.3  T5006
Bridal Veil Falls
T129 High Rolls 2.3 2 T129
Caballero Canyon
T103 Westside to Basin  4.3 T103  
Cathey Canyon
T105A Rim 1.7  T105A  
T250 Central 3.1  T250  
Chippeway Spur
T247E Central 3.1   T247E 
Cloud Climbing Trestle
T5001 Cloudcroft-Trestle 1.2 4 T5001
Corral Canyon
T537 Sacramento Rd to FR64  1.2 T537  
Courtney Mine
T132 High Rolls 2.1  T132  
T5001C Cloudcroft-Trestle 0.3 3 T5001C
Dark Canyon
T5700 Central  5.6 T5700 
Dog Canyon
T106 Westside to Basin 5.5  T106   
Dry Canyon
T5574 Westside to Basin 5.7  T5574  
Elk Canyon
T253D Pinon Draw 2.8 2 T253D
T122 Cloudcroft 1.9 2 T122
Gobbler Knob
T236 Westside  2.7 T236  
T130 High Rolls 1.4 2 T130
Heart Attack Canyon
T235 Rim to Westside  1.4 T235 
Hell's Hole
T219 Westside 0.5   T219 
Hubbell Canyon
T9277 Wills and Willie White 4.4  T9277  
Juniper Ridge
T9646FPinon Draw4.61T9646F
La Pasada Encantada
T233 Cloudcroft 0.4 2 T233
Lick Canyon
T5543 Pinon Draw 4.3 2 T5543
Lick Ridge
T9666A Pinon Draw 1.4 2 T9666A
Little Apache
T124 Cloudcroft 2.7 2 T124
Little Lewis Canyon
T239A East 4.7  T239A 
Long Canyon
T9652 Pinon Draw 2.1 2 T9652
Lower San Andres
T2094 Basin 2.3  T2094  
Lucas Canyon
T251 Central  5.1 T251  
Mineral Springs
T5579 Basin  3.4 T5579 
Monument Canyon
T123 Central 0.9  T123  
T90V Rim to Westside 1.6 3 T90V
Nelson Canyon
T232 Rim  0.3 T232 
Old Cloudcroft Highway
T5002 Cloudcroft-Trestle 2.5 4 T5002
Old Sunspot Highway
T5009 FR 64  0.7 T5009  
T10 Cloudcroft 2.6 2 T10
T5001B Cloudcroft-Trestle 0.3 3 T5001B
T568 Cloudcroft 1.0 2 T568
Pines North
T5688 Cloudcroft 1.0 2 T5688
T110 Rim to Westside  1.7 T110  
Prestridge East
T9611B Central 0.8  T9611B 
Prestridge West
T9611A Central  1.2  T9611A
Pumphouse Ridge 1
T5661C Pumphouse Ridge  1.1 T5661C 
Pumphouse Ridge 2
T5661D Pumphouse Ridge  0.5  2  T5661D
Pumphouse Ridge 3
T5661F Pumphouse Ridge  2.6  T5661F
Pumphouse Ridge 4
T5661H Pumphouse Ridge 0.6  T5661H 
Pumphouse Ridge 5
T5661Q Pumphouse Ridge 0.9   2  T5661Q
T329 Basin 2.2  T329 
T105 Rim 30.7 3 T105
Road Canyon
T234 Rim to Westside 1.6  T234  
Road Canyon Alternate
T234A Rim to Westside  1.4 T234A  
Roundup Ground
T107 Basin  2.8 T107  
Sacramento North
T5008D Sacramento Rd to FR64  1.5 T5008D 
Saddle Nature
T230 Cloudcroft 0.6 1 T230
Salado Canyon
T128 High Rolls 1.6 2 T128
San Andres Canyon
T125 Rim to Westside  1.9 T125  
Schofield Canyon
T5007A Benson Ridge  2.7 T5007A   
Schofield/Benson Canyon
T5007C Benson Ridge 2.4  T5007C  
Schofield/Taylor Canyon
T5007D Benson Ridge 0.2  T5007D 
Scott Able
T126 Sacramento Rd 4.4 3 T126
T5007B Benson Ridge 0.5  T5007B  
Silver Nature
T229 Cloudcroft 0.4 1 T229
Sleepy Grass
T11 Cloudcroft 1.1 1 T11
Spiller Canyon
T9201 Sacramento Rd 0.9 1 T9201
T105B Rim 1.4  T105B  
T5004 Cloudcroft 3.2 4 T5004
Taylor Canyon
T5007 Benson Ridge 1.9  T5007  
Thousand Mile Canyon
T9216 Sacramento Rd to FR64  1.4 T9216 
Toboggan Canyon
T5003 Cloudcroft 1.1 1 T5003
Upper Dry Canyon Alternate
T5574A Westside to Basin 1.4  T5574A 
Upper Dry Canyon
T5573 Westside to Basin  2.6 T5573  
Upper Wills Canyon
T9278 Wills and Willie White  3.2 T9278  
Village Spur
T5001A Cloudcroft-Trestle 0.3 3 T5001A
Wayland Canyon
T433 Central  5.0 T433 
Willie White
T113 Wills and Willie White 5.2  T113  
Willie White Spur
T112 Wills and Willie White  0.6 T112  
Wills Canyon
T5008 Wills and Willie White  4.4 T5008  
Zinker Canyon
T5660 North  4.1 T5660