Mexican Canyon Trestle

Pictures taken September 6, 2009

Main task: Sunday, no work today, but a chance to look closer at the base of Bent #9

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View from the Mexican Canyon Trestle overlook.


A good view on the lower parts of Bent #8 and Bent #9. The new mud blocks, with their green ends, are visible.


A closer shot; the four foot deep excavation can be seen at the far end of Bent #9. Only one timber in this section, the near plumb, was reused.


Bent #20, view from MCT overlook at south end of trestle

A good view of the trestle mudsills. In the foreground, Bent #9 (with green ended mud blocks) can be seen, and counting back, the mudsill for Bent #3 is just visible.
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