Mexican Canyon Trestle

Pictures taken September 1, 2009

Main task: The bottom portion of Bent #8 has been rebuilt. Today, the task was to remove the upper sections of Bent #9 and reassemble Bent #8.

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The lower section of Bent #8 has been rebuilt. The two plumbs are old, but the remainder is new timber.


Getting ready to remove the top section of Bent #9




Up it goes


Start work on removing the next section of Bent #9


Lifting a kicker away


Slowly but surely, and well-braced, it is lifted off.


Installing braces between Bent #8 and Bent #9


Drilling a hole for the bolt.


Moving the next section of Bent #8 into place.


Getting it just right


And pinning it.


Using a carpenter’s level to get it true


Get it true.


Now brace this section to Bent #7.


Move the brace carefully.