Mexican Canyon Trestle

Pictures taken August 31, 2009

Main task: Work all the way down on Bent #8 and then rebuild.

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Remove braces between Bent #8 and Bent #9


Both old and new (temporary) braces have to be removed.


Removing more braces, with the crane lift straps in place


Lifting off the mid-sill


Taking out a batter


Taking out a rail. The red X means that it will not be reused.


Lifting out the old mud-sill.


Seven minutes later, guiding the new-mud-sill into place


Rebuilding, reusing a timber


Getting a plumb true


A new rail


A new batter


With temporary braces


Batters, rails, and plumbs are in place


Here is one piece of the new mid-sill

Here is the other piece. Note the splice.
A wider view

Bolt the splice and pin the mid-sill.


Ready for the next section.