Mexican Canyon Trestle

Pictures taken August 30, 2009


Main task: A Sunday, and a chance to look at part of the site that I hade not been able to approach.

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View from the Mexican Canyon Trestle overlook at the south end of the trestle.


An expanded view


Work for the next contract


More work


And more work


A good view of the top sections of Bent #8


Timbers on site for later use


The two cranes, with the man basket crane in front.


View from the slope at the south end of the trestle


View of the mud sill for Bent #8. Over the years, a lot of dirt has been deposited on the sill.


Bent #9 sits on several mud blocks.


An old bolt from the trestle; it will likely be reused.


Bent #10 has been repaired previously. Note the splice that has been bolted together.


I hiked down Mexican Canyon and looked back at the trestle. [Tough hike – not recommended]