Mexican Canyon Trestle

Pictures taken August 28, 2009

Rebuild Bent #7

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The top section of Bent #7 has been removed, and Osmose workers are placing a brace between Bent #5 and Bent #6. The green on the end of the brace is copper naphthate preservative.


Later in the day. The mid-section of Bent #7 was removed, a new mid-sill was put in place, and the top two sections have been put back in place. Also the top two sections of Bent #8 have been removed.


A tall, tall crane


Putting temporary bracing in place


The worker in the man basket is cutting pins in preparation for removal of the old cap from Bent #7.


Up, up, and way – but very carefully.


A few inches will be trimmed off the old batters and plumbs so that the new cap will have the proper elevation. Supports for the guides for the chainsaw are put in place.


And the guides themselves.


Cutting with the chainsaw – and sawdust.


Guiding the new cap and shim into place.