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This website and the companion book are dedicated to extending to all the joy of being in the Lincoln National Forest that John W. Stockert made possible with his book Trail Guide: Lincoln National Forest.  The latest edition of John Stockert's book is dated 2002, and there have been changes to many of the trails in the Lincoln National Forest -- additions, deletions, damage from fire and flood, and reroutings.  I have worked to bring John Stockert's work up-to-date.  I have admired the wonderful descriptions in his book, and whenever possible I have retained his prose.
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Let us all enjoy the trails, safely and mindful of the treasures of the Lincoln National Forest.

January 2018.  Many updates!  I hiked 17 more Smokey Bear RD trails in 2017. Only three more to go!


Small Canyon in Guadalupe RD
A small side canyon near the Devil's Den Trail
in the Guadalupe Ranger District

Sierra Blanca seen from the ridge of the Capitan Mountains
in the Smokey Bear Ranger District

More than a hundred years ago a logging railroad spur ran here,
near Cloudcroft in the Sacramento Ranger District.
Indian Divide Interpretative Hike
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Restoration of Mexican Canyon Trestle Surveying
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